‘Every Day a New Photo Book’ is a project over a period of 12 years it’s a photographic research into time and society. From September 2010 until August 2021 I will take every year another month to make every day a new Book.
For every month I have a new theme what I then research on a daily basis. In the evening I make a book with the result of that day it’s publish directly on this website where you can browse through it and you’ll get the possibility to order it.                                   At the end of the month the books come together in a black cassette and are available in my bookshop. For every month I ask a graphic designer to create a basic layout  so that there is unity in the books.

Making books on a daily basis means to me that I am in a ‘flow‘ of ideas and that I work in a clear rhythm of research, photography and editing. To be so active with a lot of energy plus the limitation of time make it sure that I  find different visions on the subject.  At the end of the month all books come together and are a kind of visual encyclopaedia of the subject.
The topics of the months so far are Walking in March 2016, Colour in February 2015, Graphic design by Jason Edwards, GLAMOROUS in January 2014 graphic design by Lotte Schröder. In December 2013 I worked daily on FOOD the graphic design was by Erwin Slaats. In November 2012 the theme was about SPEED and the design was by Jacqueline Elich. In October 2011 I chose ‘MONEY’ as main theme, graphic design by Sofie Gerritsen. I started in September 2010 with AT RANDOM. I searched and decided every morning on a special photographic theme, which I followed throughout the day. Alle the books you cane view on this website and the project continues in April 2017.

Print on demand means that the book is digitally printed on the moment you ordered via a Web store in an open edition. Not that the speed of ‘print on demand’ is new. Self publishing had its first peak during the French Revolution. There were then writers/printers who made newspapers and pamphleteer. They did everything by them selfs hat there own printing shop and printed often on homemade paper. One example is Rétif de la Bretonne he wrote his stories about nightlife in Paris. Printed the texts in the morning and in the afternoon he peddled his pamphlets on the streets and than start over in de evening with new stories. Fast production was already possible.

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